Jean Patout

I was born in Commercy on the first of july 1952. That’s where I spent my childhood in a small village of Lorraine, more surrounded by cows then people… I probably de not have to explain how deeply the fragrances of the countryside where penetrating… When i think about it now, i realise how strongly thoses odours influenced my childhood and how sensitive i became to it, much more by the way then all the other farmer sons and daughters, for whom those fragances were probably too familiar.

Some other scents had their influence as well: my father used to manage a packaging company where mainly wood was processed. How lovely to smell those flavours at the evening when i came home from school, smells from beech trees, popular trees fir-wood sawdust…

I then studied in Nancy, where the world of fragrances was temporarily put between brackets and a pause was installed. Until the coincidence leads me towards a new carrier, which until then was still oriented in the technical branch. In 1977 I’m looking for a job in the marketing line, that’s where i meet again the world of scents, when i trespass the huge doors of: Lancôme.

At the first contact my emotion was enormous and i knew: ‘THAT IS FOR ME’.

After two years of discovery at Lancôme i decided to create my own company to develop and commercialise perfumes: In august 1979 ‘Perfums Nadine Patout’ is born, which will later create the brand IN FINE.

I’m completely passionate by the job and permanently in touch with the clients in my show room. Quite quickly I notice the fascinating link between the choice of perfume and the caracter of the person choosing it.

What’s a perfume tasting event?

Find your own personal fragrance and discover why this perfume is a reflection of your own identily.

Jean Patout, the nose or master creator of parfumes succeded after a study of many years in revealing the relation between the human character and the fragrance this person prefers.

It took Jean Patout more than 20 years to create his own line of 56 first class perfumes up till today and he’s still creating. All perfumes are created besed on a set of different characters.

To help navigate through his collection he developend some techniques which enable you to find your way easily through his collections and eventually find that special scent. All these techniques combined are the event of perfume tasting.

During this unique experience, one can only conclude that our nose hardly ever deceives.

In Fine clearly wishes to distinguish itself from other brands by not only offering a range of traditional, soft and very accessible perfumes but also adding daring, extravagant and spicy or outspoken flavours to the collection. 

A perfume tasting can be done in a group or individually. It’s a unique journey to discover your own personality in a perfume.